Saturday, May 4, 2013

Couple of low-key days

Good Evening,

Days +2 and +3 were pretty smooth. Xander enjoyed getting disconnected from the pole and taking walks outside in the beautiful weather. He has to wear his mask even outside, as he is very susceptible to all infections, have no measurable white blood cells. His side-effects so far have been manageable. The headaches have subsided a bit and he had 2 days without emesis. He is eating like a champ! Zingerman's sandwich, cheeseburgers, cheese, coffee, yogurt, L-glutamine powder (amino acid that helps reduce mucositis), Thai deep fried duck, beer-cheese chips, and Orgain drinks have been sustaining thus far.

He enjoyed a visit from Molly, and we were lucky enough to take a walk in the Arb. He was very winded on the walk back, but was able to get his breath back after resting for a bit. He walked at a pretty good clip up hill the whole way back, probably the longest walk since he has been inpatient.

Xander has also been treated by Dr. Anderson. Using the NAET technique (akin to kinesiology), she works on his body's acceptance and intentions of the new cells. He has been treated by Dr. Anderson since July to work on his body's overall health and well being, she has been key in helping keep his immune system able to ward off the nasty infections.

Dr. Sue Anderson
Multiple people (nurses, friends, family) have commented to us on how great Xander looks. Having a wonderful support system throughout this process has shown so far to have helped quite a bit.

We have a really great support system from so many perspectives! One of those has been through our friend, Laura Shope. For almost ONE year she has been helping us by providing opportunities for people to purchase great Shaklee products, all while directly benefitting our family. This resource has raised almost enough to pay for Xander's secondary health plan every month! This is a huge burden off our shoulders knowing that it is covered! Check out Shaklee's product line or contact Laura where sales benefit our family directly. Thank you!

Sunshine and Stars on 7 East

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,



  1. Thanks for the update, although everything got a little fuzzy after Thai fried duck and the beer-cheese chips totally put us over the edge! We're so hungry now! By the way, what are beer-cheese chips?!?


    Margo, Ethan, Ruby and Jasmine

  2. Lookin' good, Xan Man. You, too, Molly Jean. Love ya all! Oh, yeah, that includes your parents, too.

    Grandpa Howie

  3. So happy to do the Shaklee fundraising for you guys... :)