Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Move in Day, complete

We pray that this move in day leads to positive outcomes. The doctor's have put LOADS of energy and time into reviewing Xander's past transplants and trying to be proactive in their choices. A special shout out to Dr. Connelly and the team, along with the Pharmaceutical team to take the time to review Xander's HUGE supplement list. They wrote up reasons behind each decision and we narrowed it down. This time, a huge change will be that he will be receiving Glutathione Gel on a daily basis. Did you know that Tylenol really depletes the glutathione in the liver? Read more about it here.

Xander had a great day, getting "lightning bolts" shaved into his hair, and of course, a last bike ride with Molly.

getting ready

favorite thing to do with his sister

how do the lightning bolts strike you?

As I post, they are just about to start the first dose of chemo... may Xander find the strength to get through this. We're all praying for YOU, Xander!

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,


  1. Love you guys. Sending healing thoughts your way all the time.


  2. Yes, Xander we ARE all praying for you! You are so strong and so brave, and you have lightening bolts on your head!

    Love always,

    The Lowensteins

  3. Hey Xander ... I love the haircut! Good luck buddy.

  4. Xan Man... we're here for you. Hope to FaceTime with you very soon.

    Love ya!

  5. Hey, Lightning Man! Prayers and healing energy thundering your way every little minute! Lots of Love, too! And hugs all 'round.

  6. Xander - you look great! we are sending you love all the way... ;)

    Corbin, Wilder, Laura and Dale

  7. Xander, Molly, Aaron, Emilie....loved spending time with you Monday night! You have been on my mind throughout the last two days and have offered prayers each time. You are all the bravest and most fun family I know! Continuing to pray for God's Angel Army to stand shoulder to shoulder in Xander 's room. Hugs to all of you! P.S. love the lightning bolts!