Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Par Golf

Lots of things have changed in 24 hours!

We came in to the ER on Monday night because there was infection in the right broviac tunnel around the clavicle. After taking cultures from each port, the docs put Xander on IV vancomycin and cefepime. Xander had a reaction to the vanco, called red man syndrome, during the second IV push. Xander did a great job of not freaking out by scratching all over when he was super itchy. The docs got him 25 mg of diphenhydramine  and the reaction was over! Both times since, the docs have ordered 12.5 mg diphenhydramine before the vanco and they are running the vanco over 3 hours instead of 2 - no further reaction. Xander will be staying for 72 hours for monitoring and antibiotics.

It was decided when we met with Dr. Yanik that the dates for the HSCT (bone marrow transplant) would be pushed back exactly one week. We are now scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th, as the admission day for the transplant and March 13th as the transplant day. These dates, of course, represent the concept of par.

Xander, Molly and Gabe played "guys" for awhile and then it was time for dinner. Emilie returned with the food - yummy food from the Co-op. We ate our first dinner as a family while Xander is hospitalized. I think the kids really love eating in bed and playing with the electronic controls. I learned that there is a lockout at the foot of the bed - it is marked "partial parental sanity".

Finally, to catch up with the current moment, Xander is sleeping, but… although the tunnel infection is clearing up and everything seems fine, someone went and put a dog leg in the middle of the fairway and we are in the rough again. This morning, Xander started dripping blood from the exit site of his right broviac - yes, same one with the infection. At this time no one seems too concerned about this but everyone has stated that something is wrong and that the rounding docs will look further. No doubt, they will change the dressing, too. We have been watching for other changes than seeping and none have presented - this is good - back on the fairway soon?

Okay, I want to end this post with a cool picture. I took this last night from the 12th floor as the sun was setting:
Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Peace & Love


  1. Continue thoughts and prayers. Love you guys!

  2. Roller coasters and golf...they sure do keep you busy at Mott!

    Lots of love!