Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Cell Growth Confirmed Day +15

Today, the Docs have confirmed that engraftment is happening. It takes a few days... until they see a trend to confirm the suspicion. This is excellent news!

Xander has a LOT of energy today and his talkative and intelligent personality is shining through. We are very excited and continue to hope and pray for the trend to continue.

He started eating again and we just got done with 2 games of air hockey (it's been 8 days since he was last at the table).

He has had a rash, typical of new cell growth, that is now starting to go away. The going away part is very important, as we are watching very closely for transplant rejection or gvhd (graft vs host disease).

As long as he can keep eating, he will come off the TPN+Lipids by the end of the week and we are talking about getting him back on his daily shake (that we eat at home).

Beautiful news for a beautiful day. Picture is of Xan this morning.

WBC: .9 or 900
ANC: .6 or 600

Peace and Love

P.S. Happy Birthday Calvin! Xander misses you very much!


  1. This is WONDERFUL news. I can't wait to speak with you.

    Love ya,


  2. Super going, Super X! Enjoy your air hockey. I just got Angry Birds in Space! You've gotta try it.

    Love, Grandma Rhondi

  3. This IS AWESOME news! I will be enjoying this news for a good long while.


  4. Yay! We are so happy!