Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 East Love

After living in the hospital for 21 days (so far), we have to send a HUGE thank you out to the outstanding, wonderful, caring, funny, special and smart nurses on 7 East. They all handle Xander with such care and compassion - they are always on his side. I have hardly heard them say "no"  - except for one time every day.... about 2pm when it is time for Xander's Neupogen shot. He always asks if he can skip it, and they have to say no. This is absolutely his worst time of day, he dreads it. It hurts and is not fun. He has made it through every one though, and every nurse (even if they get the lowest or highest rating in his book) tries to make Xander feel comfortable in any way that they can.

We thank you so much - and it is such a pleasure to get to know all of you outstanding human beings! Our appreciation for who you are and what you do grows more and more every day.

The Salsitz's

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