Thursday, March 1, 2012

Balloons from Jasmine ❤

I'm looking forward to going home i am taking my last dose of vancomycin and cefapime at the hospital i will be on them at home in grenades.

Jasmine sent me balloons they really cheered me up❤

Love Xander❤

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  1. Balloons are a great cheer up - I think George would like to pay you a visit too - He has something incredible with yarn going on in his bedroom right now. I bet you could do something similar in your hospital room with all the cool things on the walls, etc. George has created a contraption out of yarn strung through furniture so that from his bed he can open the bedroom door and turn on or off the lights! I find myself getting tangled up in it at times but it is quite fun. I will ask your mom when is a good time to visit. George is free all weekend.