Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, holding true to the roller coaster paradigm, just when you think you know all about the first big hill - how big and when - a Gotcha!
Tonight Xander and I returned to the Mott ER. We emailed an image of the tunnel portion of Xander's right Broviac line to the on call HemOnc and she said ,"to the ER with you my dear - antibiotics you shall have." Our Nurse and Docs were again great. I can not extoll enough the quality of care the UofM provides - we are very pleased. Xander's port hardware got cleaned with something stronger than alcohol. Then two cultures were taken from each port as well as a CBC. I think the direct access ports are tops. No (or few) more pokes for awhile.
Xander is being admitted tonight for sure. They are putting him on two different antibiotics starting NOW! These will be the first IV infused drugs Xander will have ever had in his life. I am maintaining vigilance with my prayers that he is strong and does not react negatively to the meds. They are giving him Vanco and one I have not heard of.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Sorry about the dip on the roller coaster, I hope it's headed up by now and that the antibiotics are working out well. You are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

    I'm so glad your medical team is awesome, I pray for them to be blessed with wisdom, compassion, and other good things too! I'm sure they love all of you and I'm sure that totally rockin' hairstyle makes them smile everytime they see it!

    Lots of love,