Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enjoyed the Sunny Day

Good Morning,

I remember from last time that the 'planner' in me must rest for a while, and that we have to ride way more by the seat of our pants to be successful in this journey... for all of you involved, a big thank you for being so patient with us and allowing us the flexibility to change things at the last minute.

Molly got to stay home from school yesterday and will today too. Our loving group of teachers, staff, and parents at RSSAA has been amazing and so supportive. They have already recognized where Molly needs extra support and of course, the third grade class, is the best class EVER!! They took the time to put together cards, posters, and even a lovely basket to the 7East nurses. The nurses will be the people we lean on to get our son through this medically. They will help us advocate for him and they will keep him heading down the path of healing. They will make him take his meds.

flowers, ribbons, and chocolate, oh my!

Molly and Xander had a lovely day outside riding bikes and playing with Hobbes. Later, when it was even NICER OUT (yay for warmer weather) - we took a stroll to Morgan and York, one of Xander's favorite places to go... usually to get sugar, lots and lots of sugar. Yes, they have great sugar there, so he has to choose very carefully, and sometimes the decision takes time. This trip he decided on a candy turtle and real Faygo soda. Evan and Molly joined him in the Faygo choice, but they chose Pop Rocks as their candy. Hobbes waited patiently outside with us and licked the customers.

best buds

Last night we met at the HBOT clinic and had a prayer circle for Xander while he was in the chamber. We were lifted up in prayer, love, and support from a wonderful group of friends. Thank you to all who joined us, and a special thank you to our friends that came from St. Pat's.

Bruce and Tami ~ so much love to you both. I am sure we will see you SOONER than LATER...

now for Tuesday, April 23 - Move in day (no chemo today). Gotta run!

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,


  1. I'm glad you had such a great day! So smart to fill yourselves with love, prayer, sunhine, friends, family, dogs and....SUGAR to carry you through the next part of your journey. We can defininetly keep the love coming your way! (And maybe some sugar, too!)


    Margo and family

  2. Xander, Asher and Ezra want to know if you are into Pokemon? They really are....Asher said it would be a good thing to do while in the hospital. They both love to draw them, and do Poke-battles.