Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day -5

Good Morning,

So far, so good.

Xander is receiving his second dose of Fludarabine this morning. And will then receive Thiotepa. When he had his last biopsy, there were a much higher number of blasts in his marrow, so the Docs are taking all precautions and making sure that the blasts do not get out of control. He will have 2 doses today of the drug... this is not one that he has received before. He will take baths every 6 hours to clean the skin and remove any of the chemical that gets excreted  This medication can cause burns on the skin, so this is the way (hopefully) that we can prevent the burns.

For those of you that remember from last time, we spent HOURS in the teen room playing air hockey. That table finally broke and they replaced it with a foosball table. We are not good at this yet, but I'm sure we'll get lots of practice. For all of you Steiner people out there... yes, those are window stars that the Guzek's made last time we were here!
teen room table

And, it wouldn't be the hospital if we didn't have MORE sugar! 

i love sugar

Seriously, this was the highlight of my night! This is a clip from the very FIRST song that Xander danced to.... he is using the Wii controller and the music is coming from Dance 4. At 10pm last night, Xander decided to dance 8 songs! 

Gotta love that tongue!

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,



  1. Umm... Okay. How is Xander so good at dancing???? I'm jealous. Should I get a Wii? Maybe the Borgers are just cursed with a lack of dancing skills.

  2. Love it! Seriously, Xander, you've got the moves! Did you inherit your skill from your parents? Maybe you should post a video of them dancing so we can see!



  3. Dear Xander,

    When you can have visitors, can I come over for a dance party?



  4. LOVE IT!! :) Go Xander!!