Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day +1

Good Evening,

Today Xander has been doing okay. He had a visit from a great friend, got disconnected from the pole and took a walk outside in the beautiful weather! He also received a very cool Birthday present... a Lego mini figure collection and display box - he absolutely loves it!

Xander had his first dose of Methotrexate today, it was technically considered a "micro" dose. Anything that is considered "micro" in the BMT department is good in our book. This is to keep his existing T-cells from attacking the new cells. He will receive 3 or 4 more doses while he is here. He has had a couple headaches, but has been able to get them under control using multiple methods. He had a great visit from our chiropractor  Dr. Gibson - a MUCH needed adjustment after laying in bed for a week. Dr. Gibson uses an "actuator" on him, so it is completely controlled and Xander is able to give very good feedback.
Dr. Gibson

Of course, Xander misses Hobbes VERY much! A little note came his way today, along with a very sweet drawing to keep by his bed.

Hobbes by B.H.

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,


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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm glad you have been able to control the headaches. You are so good at figuring out what you need and looking at and using all of your options. I hope today has gone okay as well. Okay is pretty good at this point in your treatment! You are so strong and you are an inspration and there are sooooo many people pulling for you. We love you!

    Margo and Family