Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

We celebrated Cindo de Mayo with no infections, no fevers and a home-made meal! WOOT!

Things seem to have been on track for Xander over the past 2 days. All of the prayers and healing energy has been working! We have been very happy with his overall attitude and spirit. He is a really great kid, and when Kristin comes back tomorrow, I am sure that she will be impressed with how he is holding up. He is taking all his meds, doing the self care items that are so important and still does not have mucositis.

We have been sending huge amounts of love, prayers, and positive energy to the donor. We are so grateful that a complete stranger would be so willing to help. He has already told us that if we need more cells that he will give more! (We do not know if Xander will need more cells, they just cleared that with him up front).

Xander's GoFundMe Site has really made a huge difference in so many aspects of his and our life! Thank you to all who have donated on the site and have sent donations our way separately. It is difficult for us to comprehend the success that this fundraiser has had! I want to send a big thank you to the amazing ANONYMOUS donors! Since there is no good way of thanking you otherwise, here is a public thank you! Because of this support, our financial burdens have been helped significantly and we have been able to stay very positive and this is beneficial for our entire family.

We had visits from Xander's SWAT team yesterday, very cool, intelligent  caring and understanding nurses that make inpatient procedures WAY more FUN. We are thankful to have you available to help Xander once again. They will get and keep him comfortable during his inpatient bone marrow biopsy in a couple/few weeks.

Enjoying the weather
Xander has been able to get some time off the pole; so therapeutic with the lovely weather! Getting outside and enjoying spring a bit has been extremely beneficial. A lovely visit from Ms. Tucker and Mr. Banks found their way down to the Fairy Garden and Troll Hollow in the Arb. Thank you both so much for the lovely visit and chat with Xander, he really enjoyed it A LOT!

The Fairy Woods and Troll Hollow welcomes new residents

Hobbes got some much needed play time this weekend with our neighbors and friends dogs. One of them is Hobbes' Aunt Kacey She is a Black Magic Shepherd also. (Stella and Kacey are from same litter, Hobbes is from Stella). They both had a great time in our awesome fenced in backyard.

Hobbes and Kacey
Molly had an extraordinary weekend with her teacher and really enjoyed their time together. Mrs. Abate is one of the most caring and loving people we have ever known. Thank you so much for all you do for Molly! She also got to enjoy face painting at a friend's birthday party today. What a lovely day for pinatas, bubbles and fun!

Intricate Dragon Face Painting

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,



  1. I, too, wish to thank all of the donors for helping my family; Xander, Molly, Emilie, and Aaron.

    Many of my friends on the West Coast who don't even know Xander and family, have been very charitable, too. Thank you all.


  2. The four of you have always been the first ones to help out when ever anyone needs it. It is no surprise to me that people far and wide want to reach out and help you!



  3. So glad to hear this update. I am SO grateful you are all able to put your attention exactly where it's needed so that ALL of you get your needs met through this process too!! ;) LOVE coming your way constantly from all of us here (and the cows too! ;)).

    Big hugs,

    Laura, Dale, Wilder and Corbin