Thursday, May 9, 2013

A rough start with a smooth finish

Well, today (Wednesday) got off to a scary start. When Xander woke up, he was feeling very bad and his color was not right one bit. Once again, Xander's platelets fell to 4 overnight. His hemoglobin was 8.2 which was over the 8.0 limit and high enough that he did not qualify for getting packed red blood cells. When Emilie arrived at 9ish with an Angelo's special breakfast, Xander was clear he wasn't going for it… instead, he wanted a deli sandwich from Zingerman's. Emilie went out and got the sandwich and a Cinnoman (an oversized cinnamon bun) and Xander still would not eat!

It turns out the major problems was Xander did not want to eat because he had a loose tooth that was really bothering him. Xander later told me that he he decided at that time that the tooth, although not REALLY loose enough to come out, was going down. He said, "I just turned off the pain switch and then I got a good hold and twisted and pulled. It was like scratching a really bad itch." After pulling it out the docs were all really pleased that he clotted up nicely. The tooth itself was a bit bloody and fleshy but it's removal enabled Xander to finally get his appetite back. Xander then proceeded to eat very well the remainder of the day and even got to share Argieros Fettuccine Alfredo (it's the best) with Evan during his visit. After a little convincing Evan that Xander would not eat two adult servings of Alfredo and even though Evan had eaten a full dinner, being almost ten, he found room to eat more.

It took until late morning but the doctors finally decided that Xander needed blood after all and even though his last test for hemoglobin was over 8.0, undoubtedly, he would drop below the transfusion threshold within hours. Thank you docs for getting my boy blood!

It is really amazing watching someone with very low hemoglobin get blood. The scene plays out like some old school Bugs Bunny cartoon where you see the cartoon character swelling to capacity after a hose is attached. In the cartoon plot, a colored fluid of some sort fills them and changes the character's primary color to that of the fluid. Seriously, getting hemoglobin is just like that - you can literally watch and see as Xander turns from greyish to being flush with color. Amazing!

After school, Corbin (a third grade classmate) and his older brother Wilder came to visit and brought Molly with them from school, too. Xander taught his friends to play Pocket Farkel, which is much like Yahtzee, and then took some super fun pictures with Photo Booth on his new computer with his friends. Of course, the laughing and giggling was non-stop as the boys took the funny looking pictures. It was really great that Corbin and Wilder came to visit. The adults enjoyed visiting, too.

In the evening, Dr. Gibson (our family chiropractor) came and adjusted Xander. Xander really needed the visit. Xander is very blessed in so many ways including that he has health practitioners that love him enough to come to the hospital and help. Dr. Gibson was instrumental in Xander's surviving the 96 days we spent at Mott last year and continues to be generous and helpful this transplant. Thanks Dr. Gibson!♥!

Speaking of health practitioners, we would like to send a big shout out to Dr. Anderson, Xander's NAET practitioner and to Amy and Marcus, the energy healers that align and bring helpful energy to Xander's being via crystals and laying on of hands.

The evening brought time off the IV pole and a nice walk through the this side of Nichols Arboretum. Oh yeah, one more thing, Xander topped the evening off with a 20 ounce chocolate cherry malt! If he was missing any fat or calories for the day he made them up with this dessert :-)

Peace & love,



  1. Xander! The tooth story reminds me of how our dad (your other grandpa) would tell us that he would be *happy* to get the pliers to pull out any loose teeth. He would always *graciously* offer to tie a string around it and attach it to the bumper of his pickup truck. Looks like you don't need that service this time, but in the future, we have a nice pickup and about 100 feet of string that is not being used for anything. Love you much, Aunt Lucy

  2. Man, Xavier (is that sticking?), I read about all these desserts you eat, and it makes my mouth water. The only time I ever ate all the desserts I wanted is when I was pregnant. When Campbell's and Lleyton's Dad would go out to dinner for work, he would always bring me a dessert home. My favorites are tiramisu and key lime pie. I wonder what your favorite is? Or can you even choose?! If you like, when you get home, I can make you a really good dessert I make in the summer called berry-misu. It's like tiramisu but with orange flavor where the espresso goes in tiramisu, and it has strawberries and blueberries. It's SUPER GOOD. Keep up the good eating (and tell your folks to stop putting gross pictures of your tooth up!) Elizabeth Head