Thursday, May 10, 2012

WBC=0.3 ☝

Yay! After 2 days at 0.2, Xander's WBC count went up. We are very pleased and look forward to the next benchmark. When Xander's WBC count reaches 0.5 the test will then provide a differential count including ANC or Absolute Neutrophil Count. When the ANC = 1.0, Xander will no longer be considered neutorpenic and that will be an exciting day indeed. Honestly, I am tearing up as I write this looking forward to that day.
The 7E procedure room is now scheduled for Monday for Xander's bone marrow aspiration procedure. I do not know if they will do a bilateral biopsy again. I do know, however, that Nur will be doing the procedure. Nur is so awesome that Xander looks forward to seeing her BEFORE the procedure AND in the hallway later. After every biopsy the tissue lab has given her the top rating in regards to sample quality. This is VERY important for accuracy of the tests and slides. Many of you know me as very anal retentive so it should be no surprise that I love Ner, too!
Dr. Yanik said that slow cell growth rate and counts that "hover" are expected with the cell dose Xander received from his cord blood. Eating is the key factor we are able to influence, so we are working on Xander's appetite. Due to his unprecedented lack of hunger for yummy food, the docs prescribed Marinol, a synthetic form THC to increase his appetite.

Until tomorrow.

Peace & Love,

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  1. We're so happy the WBC is going up and we are also looking forward to the day when you are no longer neutropenic. What a great day that will be! As for the THC...bring on the munchies!


    The Lowensteins