Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WBC = 0.2

Good Morning,

When I got back from meeting Aaron this morning (we bring each other breakfast and tea every day), I was surprised to find that Xander was not in his bed... or in the bathroom! I found him down the hall (having gotten dressed and moved his 200lb pole) with Eddie. They were looking out the telescope catching up since the last time Eddie was here.

Xander's personality is so vibrant and alive this morning! He has been giving all of us a little of his zest and spice today   Including the Doctor team.

Everyone is so happy to see him feeling better.... especially his Mom!

Peace and Love and please keep praying for his full recovery.

Xan and Eddie looking out from 7East (towards Peony garden)


  1. It's so good to hear such good news!! Thanks!

  2. Dear Xander,

    Jasmine and I just woke up and read this post and we are so happy you are getting your groove back!

    We hope you have a great day!


    Jasmine and Margo

  3. Go Xan!!!

    Get those numbers going!!!

    sending love, and endless prayers.
    The Horners