Monday, May 7, 2012

WBC = 0.1 ♥♥♥

Well… Today is the 60th consecutive day of hospitalization and day 13 since Xander's autologous cord transplant. ♥♥♥ Today is also the first day in about a month and a half that Xander has had a White Blood Cell count ♥♥♥.  Tomorrow, we pray, brings with the new day a positive trend in cell line regrowth. We appreciate all of your prayers and ask that you to continue to pray for the complete regeneration of all three cell lines (White, Red, and Platelets) to their fully healthy values.

Xander is still not eating more than a few hundred calories each day, however, we are working on this every chance we get. His stomach is still VERY sensitive due to the radiation. He is getting some of the strongest antiemtics available (Emend). Although Xander does not just want to eat yogurt, this is what seems to settle best for him. Today, I got him to eat Siggi's Skyr (Swedish yogurt) that is very high in protein. 

Laura (Hugh's Mom) has done two Reiki treatments on Xander. Although the Wikipedia page says that Reiki has no scientific benefit, I would disagree. After both treatments we saw Xander move more towards his old self than further away. Emilie and I are very thankful for the results and for the energy that Laura has put into her healing art. All forms of prayer are important to us and are greatly appreciated.

Last but not least, I would encourage everyone to give thanks and hugs to the nurses in your lives. This week is nurses week and please hear me loud and clear when I say, "God Bless all the nurses - especially those taking care of children." Not only are these nurses caring for families and their sick children, these nurses are caring for the next Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alfred Nobel, Ayn Rand, David Byrne or Maya Angelou - blessings on the children!

I want to thank everyone for their support.  We feel it and we love you.

Peace & Love,


  1. Yay! Great job growing cells Xander!

  2. Hi Xander it's Monday I'm thinking of you love Elli

  3. Way to go with the WBC! Keep it up white, and join on in red and platelets!

    We're so grateful for the beginning of the cell growth, for Laura's healing reiki treatments and for all of the nurses who are taking care of you!


    The Lowensteins

  4. Xander,
    I really do think you have super powers! You are making your WBCs grow! Also, you have the power to communicate with cousins that I bet you didn't even know you had :)
    We have been reading your blog and are so happy to get to know you and Molly. I only wish that you being in the hospital wasn't the reason for the blog.
    Your Minnesota cousins (Hendrik 10, Reiner 7, and Olivia 7) have been trying to decide what they could send you that would help you stay brave, strong, and happy. They have decided to send sun flower seeds for your garden at home. Here are the reasons why (in their words): sunflowers are the biggest, strongest thing in the garden; they are yellow; they are cool; they grow fast; they are a nice place for ladybugs to live. So, some packs of sunflower seeds are in the mail for you and Molly. Hopefully your Mom, Dad, or Grandma Peggy will have a few minutes to get them in the ground. May, you stay big, strong, and cool with good cell growth just like a sunflower!

    Love, The MN cousins
    Joan (Naylor Steyermark) Jason, Hendrik, Reiner, & Olivia

    1. Hi Joan! Great to hear from you. We agree, hopefully we can convert this blog into a "non-hospital" blog very soon. We will plant the sunflowers for sure, how sweet. Sending love your way! -Emilie