Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day +11

Good Evening,

So far Xander has had a mostly relaxing day. He did go down for a abdominal xray so that they can check out his stomach/intestines for swelling or any issues that might have progressed over the week. He abdominal area is a little sore, but he hasn't really eaten much, and along with the radiation, this is mostly expected.

He still has a cough (reason for having bronch on Thursday), so this is pretty much the same.

He did eat some yogurt, rice and chicken broth today, so we are making a little tiny baby step. Something is better than nothing.

He had a very relaxing Reiki treatment today, when I got back after the treatment, his blood pressure was very nice at 114/65... early today he was in the 148/98 range. He is on medication for the blood pressure, but I'm sure the treatment helped a lot. Thank you, Laura.

This evening he seems like he is in a good mood, and I finally get to go home tonight! Aaron is feeling better now, so I will get to sleep through the night at home. yay!

Xander got a funny card in the mail, it made him laugh.

Peace and Love

Thank you all for the wonderful and heartfelt gifts.


  1. Xan Man,

    Keep getting better. I'll be in Florida for the week with Grandma Rhondi but will try to keep up with you. Hopefully we can talk and even FaceTime.


    Grandpa Howie

  2. Dear Xander,

    Jasmine's Aunt Sandy wrote you a poem:

    Cells, cells, time to grow!
    We have told you, now you know.
    Time to grow and multiply,
    Until Xander's cell count is...Super High!

    Love to you all,

    The Lowensteins and Auntie Sandy