Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heading in the right direction... Day +29

Hello All,

We have had more good news this morning!

WBC: 1.8
ANC 1.2

Since he is now off the lucaine (sp), the ANC will come in a bit slower, but this is okay! Fewer meds = Happy child.

He has not had a fever in 48 hours - oh yes, this is so excellent! So much so, that he will be pulled off the antibiotic today. Another one off the list! If he gets fevers again, he will be put back on an antibiotic, but any break from antibiotics at this point is really great.

All of his electrolytes are stable (they are still being supplemented though), his kidney and liver functions are all normal too. He has lost the water weight he was hanging onto over the past 2 days and is back down in his normal weight range today (he was up 1kg)

He is still working on eating, trying not to be nauseated, and is getting transfused on platelets daily and red blood cells every 4th day.

We are still waiting on the CMV level from Monday to come back... foscarnet 2 times a day until we get those results (hopefully they are undetectable).

We are thankful for having all of you in our lives.

A really sweet note

Peace and Love

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  1. I'm glad that you are feeling better and you are off of some medicine! I hope that my mom let's me come visit you soon! Whenever I want to come she says I am too sick.