Friday, May 18, 2012

Great News ❤

We have the results back on the VNTR test from the bone marrow biopsy test taken from Xander's hip bone this past Monday…

100% XANDER - the previous donor cells are gone!

The docs started to pull back on the Tacrolimus today. This is great as Tacrolimus is a big bad immune suppressor. Tacrolimus is very necessary for allogenic transplantation but not autologous transplantation. The VNTR test results show that Xander's case is officially no longer considered an allogenic transplant.

Xander finally has an ANC!
Yay for Xander moving in the right direction! Thursday morning Xander's WBC was .6 and his ANC was .5. This is super outstanding. Although Xander's white blood cells are recovering slowly, we are still phenomenally thankful for a curve showing improvement, no matter how slow.

CMV test levels will come in later today and if his CMV level is not detectable, the docs will reduce the other nasty medicine (Foscarnet)  that makes Xander sick feeling from twice to once per day for a few weeks and then discontinue. Xander wants me to say that he really hates how Foscarnet makes him feel. and that twice is really a lot!

Although Xander continues to get blood products daily, we are starting to see Xander hold counts a little longer. At one point, he was getting packed red blood cells every other day and platelets daily. Now he goes two days before he needs red blood cells transfused. Xander will continue to need platelets regularly, even outpatient, for a long time. Platelets are the last cell line to come in normally.

Peace and Love to Everyone!!! ❤


  1. YAY XAN!!!! Grow cells grow! Grow cells grow!!! We are so happy that things are improving. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS XAN!! Hope that the hospital is treating you well, but that you don't need to be there full time much longer!

    Love, Rachel and Renee

  2. YIIIIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Go Xander! Go Xander!

  3. Yay!!!!!!! We are so happy! We hope you get more good news today so you can start tapering the Foscamet. We want you to feel great!!!


    The Lowensteins

  4. WOW!!! This is pretty %*&#ing great!!!! WOW! This is SUPER Super X!!!

    Love ya,

    Grandpa and Grandma