Saturday, May 19, 2012

Going Strong: Day +25

Good Morning,

I woke up to the great news that Xander's WBC is 0.8 and his ANC is 0.7 - when his ANC reaches 1.0 he gets to eat "living" food again... this will be a wonderful thing for him and our family! All of our prayers are working!!

His CMV value is still detectable, so he needs to stay on the Foscarnet 2 times a day. We will have to wait until Tuesday to find out the next level.

Xander has been popping a fever first thing in the morning over the past couple of days, so the Docs won't let him go home at this time. He still gets liberty from the pole in the evening hours, so we have been taking walks around the hospital and enjoying the sunshine and the peonies (that are just starting to bloom!) Last night, when we were eating dinner in the peony garden, we saw Miss Angeline - she is helping with the costumes for the Shakespeare in the Arb. She took Xan and Molly in for a special sneak peak at how awesome the costumes will be!

There have been so many people that have given us gift cards, money, gifts and love - we can't thank you all enough! One of our friends at the Steiner school is hosting a fundraiser for us - a knit-a-thon - please see the website for details. This is such a wonderful and fun idea and as she states on the site, you don't even need to know how to knit to participate! Thank you so much Julia, and to all of you loving and wonderful participants and sponsors!

We know a lot of knitters, so if you don't have someone that you know you can sponsor or you are not in Ann Arbor, just let me know and we will get you connected. We would love more sponsors.

Sending you all ~ Peace and Love


  1. Great news on the WBC and ANC! And you are lookin' good in the picture, Xander! We are sorry that the Foscamet has to stay at twice a day for now. We know you were really hoping to start tapering, so were we. We will pray that the levels on Tuesday will allow you to start tapering then.
    Until then we hope you feel stronger and stronger, that your blood counts continue to rise and that you enjoy the peonies!

    Margo and Jasmine

  2. Glad to hear the good news. Hoping you reach that 1.0 mark soon!

  3. So glad to hear that those cell counts are on their way up! I hope you get to enjoy the peony garden some more. That is one of my favorite Ann Arbor spots. I used to eat lunch there whenever I could when I worked at the Medical Ctr. Our peonies in MN are bit behind yours. We have buds full of ants. Olivia was helping me weed and plant things this weekend and she kept trying to brush the ants off the peony buds. I told her that the plants needed the ants so the flowers could open. I don't know if this is true, but it is what my grandma (your mom's great grandma!) used to tell me! So, Olivia then collected as many ants from the driveway and sidewalk as she could find and dropped them one by one onto the peony buds. So, enjoy your Ann Arbor peonies, ants and all :)

    Joan and Olivia