Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pit Stop or Bleeping Shingles

Last night, we got indication that we were on our way to isolation. Xander's counts hovered then dropped as his shingles spread on his back. Today, the docs delivered on the promise.

Xander has the shingles traveling along 3 nerves on his back. He is REALLY itchy and in moderate+ discomfort. The docs gave him neurontin for comfort. However, Xander is doing a spectacular job of not scratching, as this will spread the virus. The docs are "stepping up their game" and ordered IVIG and leukite stat - both will increase Xander's ability to fight the virus - this is addition to the two other med started yesterday.

Xander's spirits are good but his appetite still sucks. Today, while Skyping with Evan, he ate two slices of bread, butter & jelly. He promised to eat two more tonight. It's a start.

After 36 hours at the hospital, Emilie relieved me for a few hours to clean up and get dinner. She will try and bring some Waldorf spirit back to Xander's hospital room by rehanging the decorations. I was careful not to mess up ANY decorations - well one window star lost a corner ;-(

Peace to everyone and thanks for the good vibes and love.


  1. He did have a good day given all the excitement. He also played a really funny joke on the Docs for April fools day which is not okay to post about on the blog. Someday though, we'll be able to talk about it! Anyway, he is in great spirits and he took the IVIG very well with no side effects.

    Yesterday Molly and I went to the store and she got a few new clothes. I also got Xan's room prepped for his new paint job.... as he is in a pit stop...couldn't be a better time!

    Hopeful (and praying) we'll be in and out.

  2. Hey you guys,

    I'm sorry about the shingles and isolation. Xander, it is awesome that you are not scratching. That must take a lot of will on your part. Luckily, you have plenty of will to well as wisdom, strength and humor. Speaking of humor, I bet the joke you played on your docs was really funny, I can't wait to hear about it someday!


    The Lowensteins

  3. Xan,

    Great we could do FaceTime today. You're looking good and in good spirits.



  4. Xander -- The Shingles, complete with marker lines on your back look like a pirate's treasure map. Now, if you only can find where the gold is buried! Ha! gotta find some humor in all this discomfort. You are a brave, strong young man. We are praying for your healing and for your parents' and Molly, too. You are definitely surrounded by love.
    -- Papa Ron in Phoenix

  5. Hi Xander,
    I've had shingles THREE TIMES, no fun at all. I hope they go away soon. We're sending you hugs.