Monday, April 2, 2012

Passing time

Xander's condition did not worsen today (so far...10pm). He realized that he needs to eat more often and we have found a shelf stable shake that he likes (yay!). Hopefully he'll realize this tomorrow too!

He is doing a great job not scratching!!
He has not taken pain meds. The Ativan seems to be doing the trick and keeping busy helps too.

We did a puzzle today that Ms. Tucker brought for him.

Hopefully tomorrow he'll get some exercise equipment in his room!

We are praying that this week will move along smoothly and he will fight off this virus.

Peace and Love


  1. Xan man,

    As your ancestors would say, "Eat, eat, mine kin!!!!" Keep eating to get your body built back up. I know it is hard.



  2. What a spectacular puzzle, Xan!!! It looks like the kind you could do again and again and then when you are tired of doing it, you could glue it to a backing and hang it on the wall. It is beautiful, and so are you. We are so proud of you. Now go EAT something!

    Renee and Rachel

  3. Love the puzzle and the smile. Thinking of you lots.

  4. You and the puzzle are both so beautiful!

    We are praying for a week of invigorating exercise, yummy shakes and more fun projects like that puzzle.


    The Lowensteins

  5. Asher said that you have an awesome Tye-dye.

    We love tye-dyeing here! I dyed over 240 kippahs for David's Bar Mitzvah! Hope the itching is getting better~~~

  6. Great puzzle man! Incredibly complex looking and dragons are pretty awesome. We (our pledge class) had the pleasure of meeting your dad today and he's a great guy. Kappa Alpha Pi wishes you a speedy recovery Xander! :)

  7. sending you strong 'vibes' of successfully battling this virus. we're thinking of you!


    Laura, Dale, Wilder & Corbin