Friday, March 30, 2012

Easy Going Day

Xander and I had a great day spending time together and doing various things.... including air hockey. I lost some more :( but he won :)

His counts are headed in the right direction and he hasn't had to have blood products in 3 days! The Docs were happy to see those numbers. We'll hope and pray for more upward trending numbers tomorrow.

Today he got to learn how to give his own Neupogen shot. He practiced (for hours) on the "practice skin" and was able to use a real needle to do this. He loved making the "practice skin" get a big lump in it and then pop it with the needle. The nurse gave him plenty of time and information for doing the shot himself and he seemed very ready. Long about 2pm... when it was time for the shot, he abruptly decided that since the nurse was a good stick, that she could do it and he would just be fine with that! He did a great job, didn't complain at all - I think it was the best day for this since he started them. We'll see if he wants to do it himself tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing - he hasn't had to have pain meds in over 48 hours. Yay.

Here's to a good nights sleep and we hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

Peace and Love


  1. This is great news, of course. We are so happy as you might imagine.

    We look forward to talking with you and/or going on FaceTime.

    Love ya,

    Grandpa Howie and Grandma Rhondi

  2. We are so happy to hear all of this!

    Xander, I totally agree with you that the way a neupogen shot feels depends on the technique of the person giving it. I think you are so smart to learn how to do it, even if you end up not giving yourself the shots.

    If you do decide to become a doctor one day I'm sure you will be a really, really good stick!

    Lots of love,

    Margo and Family

  3. Hi all, this is fantastic news...just getting caught up on the posts - it's been quite a journey recently! Xander, you are so brave. Mom and Dad, you are so loving and patient. Molly, you are such a joy!!

    Hang in there! Sending lots of love your way...:)