Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day +1 went well

Good Morning,

We have an amazing son and very loving daughter and we feel SO blessed to be their parents.

The actual transplant on Day +42, Tuesday 4/24, Day XS+0, was absolutely perfect. Dr. Yanik took the situation very seriously and even pushed the cells into Xander himself. We all felt very honored to have him participate at that level. We had cupcakes from Zingerman's to celebrate and a big thank you to ALL of the staff at Zingerman's for their care and concern.

Yesterday, Xander's first day with his own cells went very well. Multiple times throughout the day he said that he feels GREAT! (mostly he has been just been feeling... good).

Medications are going well. There is one anti-viral med that makes him sick, but he is a trooper and can get through it very well.

We continue to use Great Lakes Sacred Essences products, he likes them very much and they work well.

We'll hope and pray for another great day today.

Peace and Love
and we can't thank you all enough!


  1. Blessings to you all. We hope you have a great day and that your cells are having an awesome time growing!


    The Lowensteins

  2. That's great! Xander and Molly, you ARE amazing! Hugs to all.

  3. Xander and Molly, you are both so strong! It is so good to hear that dayXS+0 went well. We are thinking of you all...grow, cells,grow!...hmmm, what kind of cupcakes did you have?
    Love, the Das family

  4. Soooooo glad to hear all is going well so far.

    Super X, your nine year old birthday is just hours away!!!! Much to look forward to, dear boy.