Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Autologous Cord Blood Arrives in Ann Arbor

Good morning everyone,

Xander's autologous cord blood arrived on time and still cryogenically frozen via FedEx this morning at the UofM blood bank. All 6 vials appear to be intact. Because of the cell count and volume, the procedure this time will start with thawing and combining of the vials in the blood bank. The combined product will be rushed upstairs to the 7th floor at which time it will be administered to Xander without passing go and not collecting $200. There will be a small sample kept aside for the purpose testing the cells for viability. We will not know until tomorrow afternoon about the cellular viability of the stored sample.

Xander and Dr. Yanik share a super hero moment

Making sand art while waiting for Radiation Oncology
As I write this, the whole family (including Aunt Lucy) are waiting in B2 of the main hospital with Xander for the Radiation Oncology appointment. Molly and Xander are making sand sculptures with the Child Life person stationed down here. Xander is wearing his "Super Xavier" cape made by Dianne Guzek. We were able to get Dr. Yanik his cape during rounds. We will get the rest of our attending doctors their capes ASAP.




  1. Go Super Xavier!

    We love the picture of you and Dr. Yanik, our heroes!


    Margo and Ruby

  2. grow, grow, grow GROW!!!!!

    Much love.

    Renee and Rachel

  3. We love ya, Xan Man!

    Grandpa and Grandma