Thursday, February 2, 2012

No News & Good News

We have just spoken with Dr. Carl Koschmann and are waiting to see the "Big Bosses". Dr. Koschmann was able to share with us the cytogenetic results of Xander's bone marrow biopsy.

As a typical find with MDS and a 100% diagnosis, there is a loss of chromosome 7.

We thought that we would find out today the results of the HLA typing from Molly... But it sounds like the results are not back yet. As we use to say in the Navy, "hurry up and wait".

While we have been waiting to see Dr. Connelly, Xander's CBC came back. Last test, platelets were 14 now, they are up to 31! All other CBC blood work looks good - Xander does not need a transfusion today.

I will post again after we meet with Dr. Connelly and the other physicians.

Xander wants me to say, "Hi to Evan & George."

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