Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pins & Needles

Emilie got home tonight from two days of training in Lansing in time to eat her dinner with the kids still up sitting at the table with her. Xander has begun to have small petechiae on his chest and stomach today. We all (including Xander) are wondering if tomorrow will be the first transfusion? Xander is prepared for that if it is meant to be.
We all have had the Hematologist/Oncologist meeting in the forefront of our minds all week - FINALLY, Thursday is tomorrow! At the risk of being inappropriate, I will post rather we have a match or not as soon as I know! So many people have Xander in their prayers. Thank you for the love and well wishes ❤


  1. We are all there with you. Sending all good energy and love.....the Das family

  2. Thinking of you and hoping for good news tomorrow. Lucy Krichko & her parents, Len & Heather