Friday, January 27, 2012

Visit to school

Aaron took Xan to school today for an afternoon visit. Xan was a bit nervous about wearing a mask, but ran into Mr. Allen first who lifted up his spirits and told him not to worry about the mask. Visiting Lenore and Carol in the office was great, then off to the classroom.

Xander hid around the corner while Aaron checked with Ms. Tucker to make sure it was a good time for Xander to visit... as soon as Aaron indicated that Xander was here and Ms. Tucker mentioned his name, his whole class jumped up out of there chairs and ran to the door very excited to see him!

After being reminded that Xander does not have a contagious disease and that the mask was to protect him, it turned out to be a great day for him to stop by because they were making cards for Inacio. All of the children wanted to make sure that Xander got the cards that they had made (he LOVED them :)

As a special treat, he even got to run around outside a little with Evan.

We think that everyones spirits were uplifted by Xander's visit today.

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  1. Hi Xander,
    I'm grateful that you are doing all right.
    I hope that I can see you soon.