Friday, January 27, 2012

Mom and Dad's thoughts for the day

6 days until we find out if we have a bone marrow donor. We wish we knew already, but we will be patient and will leave this in God's hands. Reading things off the Internet is both uplifting and terrifying.

We keep reminding ourselves that our job is to keep him healthy, get him ready to go into the hospital, keep him eating, and get things ready for an extended stay.

Today, so many people responded to the letter we sent out, family, friends, and clients alike. One of our clients, Therese from Trialynx, reminded us of what they do for medical research and offered us their services. Dr. Aronoff, Xander's classmate's father, a leading medical researcher has offered his help in any way that he could. So many people have contacted us, we can't thank you enough and I am sorry if I haven't responded to you yet.

Prayers, great medical science and a strong will are going to get Xander through this.

We created an Evernote notebook today, shared between our iPhones, iPads and Computers so that we can communicate conversations, documents, and pictures without having to search through email to find things.

After talking with Gabe's Grandma, we started to format a plan to keep track of Xander's medical dosages and medical journey; this will be very important as we move through this process.

~Peace and Good Night~

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