Saturday, August 24, 2013

Looking up

Good Morning,

Day +116

The bone marrow biopsy was completed this week. The initial results indicate Xander's disease is still in remission. There are no signs of blasts or leukemia. The results of the FISH study to determine if there are MDS cells will not be back for about 5-6 weeks, so we patiently await what lies ahead. In the meantime, Xander continues to be blessed with positive momentum and is focusing more on being a kid again. He has a long way to go on many fronts, but we are confident that with the right help, he can reach his goals. Thank you to all that have helped him over the summer. We look forward to continued strength and spending time together as the school year gets underway.

If you have followed Xander's journey, you know that Xander's blood counts have gone up and down significantly (in just days) throughout this process. This weeks results were pretty impressive (given the drugs he is on, especially. They force his counts down):

HGB: 10.8
Platelets: 110  <--- Highest in 2 years!
WBC: 5.0 (normal range)
ANC: 2.5 (normal range)
HCT: 32.6
Albumin: 3.6 (normal range)
Calcium: 8.8 (normal range)

His Epstein Barr Virus situation continues to be under control. The Rituxin doses seem to have beat it out, along with the RIFE treatments at Dr. Kyle's office.

Xander continues HBOT treatments, with our love and thank you's out to the Oxford Kids Foundation for making this part of Xander's daily reality.

And love to our dear Aunt Katie for making these long August days (while the parents work) enjoyable! Here's to happiness in all you do :-)

Looking forward to reconnecting with many of you this weekend!

Peace and Love to all of Xander's followers,



  1. Xan Man... looking forward to tightly hugging you and The Molls very closely in a month. It has been a few months since we've seen you.

    Oh yeah, and your parents will certainly get hugs, too.

    L'shana tova! Happy New Year.

    Love Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Shana Tova! And a good year it shall be! Hugs~
    Cousin Melynda

  3. We are so happy to hear all of this news! And we can't wait to start seeing you more regularly again, we miss you all! L'shana Tova! May you be inscribed for a good and sweet year!

    Love from the Lowensteins!