Friday, May 17, 2013

CMV... to go or not to go

Good Afternoon,

Xander has been doing very well over the past 2 days. He is now disconnected from the pole for the majority of the day and hooked up only to receive his medications.

The biggest change since our last post is the onset of acute GVHD (verified by skin biopsy). His rash did not respond as much as they were hoping to the Enebril, so they changed over to giving him Prednisone. This is a normal GVHD course, and his body responded immediately! His fever ceased within the first hour (he is still afebrile over 36 hours later). The steroid will run over approximately 6-8 weeks.

His last big thing... at least at the moment... is Cytomegalovirus (CMV). He has had multiple tests for this virus and the last one came back detectable, but with a count of 0. The one before that came back detectable, also with 0 count. Now we must wait for one more CMV test that they will pull early Monday morning. Hopefully by Monday night we will know the results. IF he does have a count number on Monday, then we will have to stay inpatient for 2 more weeks (at least) while he begins the not-so-fun process of getting foscarnet twice a day.

So, at this time, everyone is hoping and praying for the best and nurses have started the discharge procedures. We have clinic appointments on the schedule for next week, as if we will be home. Let's hope and pray that this is the case and that Xander doesn't get CMV this time! This will be something that we will monitor outpatient every week also.

Xander's counts are doing great (we are expecting the decrease in WBC and ANC due to lack of nupigen and now steroids)!

WBC: 6.3
ANC: 4.3
Hemo: 8.3
Platelets: 50 (WOOT!)

Elli - thank you for the visit and making Xander laugh - you are a great friend!

Peace and Love to all of Xander's followers,


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