Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wrestling with allopathy…

Yesterday it was determined that Xander's superior vena cava was indeed large enough for a triple lumen central line so, today is central line placement day. In addition, Xander will get platelets today for the first time since last summer (I think).
image courtesy of smartdraw.comLast time, Xander had two lines, one single lumen and one double lumen. The central lines are really important as they completely eliminate needle pokes (except for neupogen - which comes later). This also means that Xander does not need to be woken up if he is sleeping in order to get meds. With a NeoStar, there are three lines to access so that Xander can get multiple infusions simultaneously along with blood in our out. We are thankful to get this procedure done one week before Xander is scheduled to start chemo so that we can get him somewhat healed up first from the procedure.

In clinic this morning, Xander and I ran into Dr. Yanik who commented how great Xander looks - he really likes Xander's hair. Dr. Yanik clearly stated that he agreed with wisdom of the time taken to bulid on Xander's health before this transplant. Emilie and I had talked about this often and I was able to convey our appreciation for the clearly defined paths that he layed out last April when the first transplant failed. It has been a comfort that we knew what treatments to expect along this pathway.

Xander won this match!
When Xander was inpatient last year he was indoctrinated in the "Dr. Yanik Wrestling Federation" (DYWF). Xander won some and lost some… Today, arm wresting was a draw and he beat Dr. Yanik thumb wrestling (1-0-1). Xander has imporove his wresting so I think he will get a roll of quarters to wager this time in the hospital. Dr. Yanik works hard to have fun with his pediatric patients - I wonder if he wrestles his adult patients?

Well, as I write this, Susie (transfusion nurse) is finishing with Xander's platelet transfusion and is preparing him to go to the OR. I'll write more as I know it and take a few more pictures, too.

Dr. Yanik is really trying here - he
complements Xander on his strength

Thanks to everyone for your heartfelt support!



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