Monday, April 15, 2013

A little wound up

Good Evening,

We started out the day with the vascular ultrasound. Looks like he has nice veins and arteries to me! Shannon (the tech) commented that they looked good to her too. Xander and Shannon had a couple of good laughs and we came to the conclusion that Xander's personality is a combination of Animaniacs and James Bond. Oh, and that he of course understood more than the average nine year old, qualifying to her that of course he does, his Dad is kind of nerdy. You know, Windows, it really sucks, you should use a Mac

This really made me chuckle!

Molly had a great day at school - the weather was just lovely today, we all hope that keeps up! I saw some rowers on the river today, that was promising.

Xander was a bit wound up this evening... with an early day tomorrow ~ NPO @0615, blood draw, transfusion, surgery - line placement and biopsy, recovery and HBOT.

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,


  1. Hi guys,

    2 quick things:

    I love nerds.

    I hope all goes well tomorrow.



  2. Asher says that you make a great SPaceman Spiff! And also "Happy Monday!" - his catch phrase

    We are a MAC family! Way to go! And Big Bang Theory Nerds!

    And we homeschool, too!

    Cousins Melynda, David, Asher, and Ezra

  3. Hey All! thinking of you and that all goes well today...


    Corbin, Wilder, Laura & Dale!