Sunday, April 14, 2013

Outpouring of Support

Good Evening,

Xander spontaneously told me today that he is ready to go into the hospital. He has a great attitude and if our prayers our answered, this bone marrow transplant will cure his disease.

In just 5 days we have raised over $6,000 to benefit Xander and his care. We are overjoyed! We are thankful! We are so blessed! We are amazed at how generous you are! This will allow us the time to focus on Xander's care and outcomes and survive while doing so. Balancing this transplant with our business is very difficult. So much focus is needed on Xander and his treatment, that falling behind in work is inevitable. Your support warms our hearts and lowers our stress levels. We just can't thank you enough!!

Xander had a special surprise phone call from Ms. Tucker this morning! He was able to join her on a nice long walk in Dexter this afternoon. He was good and tired in the end, and really enjoyed the time together. Ms. Tucker - thank you for taking the time with Xander, it means the world to him!

After his tests yesterday, Xander wanted a Zingerman's Don's Rhythm & Blues. We want Xander to gain some more weight before going in, as he will likely lose 10 pounds (at least) during the process, so eating big meaty yummy sandwiches (with mustard) is perfect! This is a way that we will support him going through the hospital. He LOVES Zingerman's and your help will make it so!

Xander has always loved to ride his bike. Recently when it was nice out, he cruised some laps around the park while Max was with us. We have four parks within walking/riding distance of our house. Xander especially likes going to County Farm Park.

A big shout out to Katie and Erik for the lovely visit and totally awesome FIMO dough creations :-)

yes, of course, this is a baby in a blanket

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,


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