Thursday, January 10, 2013

A transfusion.

Hi everyone it's my first transfusion since I've been in the hospital, i am looking forward to getting red blood cells, 😄 I am getting ready for the iv
( it's a poke 😳 ) I will post in a few
Minutes, ( when i get my transfusion )

10 Minutes later
I just got my iv and it hurt a lot
And right now Susie is calling the
Blood bank, and right now she is right
In front of me and here is a picture.
I think she confirmed with the blood bank that my blood is on the way yay

1 hour later
I fell asleep while my dad was talking
To the doctors ( chastity and Connelly )
Now I am at the transfusion clinic again
And my blood is up there right now.
Susie is hooking me up to my blood
My blood is o+ ( do you know what this
means? post comments below ) and getting blood is gross. I am reading
Artemis fowl and it is a good book
(post your comment about books below)


  1. Hi Xan,
    Joe and I just finished The Sword in the Stone. It was soooo good. We think you would like it.


  2. Hey Xander! I am O+'s pretty cool to learn about the different blood types, right? We are thinking of you and enjoy your book!

  3. Hey Xander! I am O+ too! It's pretty cool to learn about all the different blood types, right? We are thinking of you and I hope you are enjoying your book!