Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Broviac down…

Today started last night with the choice to kayak from Dexter/Huron Metropark to Argo. The kids were exhausted after 5 hours on the river - we did not get back until 11:45 pm, takeout food in hand. Xander was able to meet his midnight cutoff (NPO) by devouring his food in 15 minutes.
So, like I said, a sleepy today began yesterday. However, we were at the blood draw clinic by 7:00 am and in pre-op by 7:30. Xander and I met with the nurses and docs to confirm what parts were to stay and just what was being removed. The surgeon marked in bold purple the line to be removed and the skin tag on Xander's neck.
Thirty minutes later, the small single lumen line was out and the skin tag gone. I was allowed back after another hour to aid in recovery.

This leaves just one central line needing to be removed on day 100 post engraftment. This is great.
So, here is some more great news we would like to share: Xander's blood counts are continuing to slowly recover. The trend, although slow, continues to show improvement. Here are the blood counts for today:

WBC 3.2
HGB 10.4
PLT 112
ANC 1.9

Thank you everyone for all that you have done and continue to do for our family. The prayers, food, cards, and other expressions of well wishes is very appreciated.

Thanks for everything,


  1. Yay! Keep on growing white blood cells Xan!

    Love, Rachel :)

  2. Great News!!!! I have been watching your amazing journey, at times i've prayer more than others. but through it all Xander has remained focused on being well, and smiles. what an unbelieveable young man! much love to your family!

  3. Thanks for sharing all your news but we love this news the most!!!
    Hugs from MA~~