Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The drain is out & it was ugly!!

The pericardial drain coming out is a major milestone! Although it was painful, it was worth it.
Xander refused pain meds last night! This morning Xander got himself up and about and into the bathroom to use the toilet! This is great news!

Thank you and hugs to everyone. Your prayers and warm wishes are felt during good news and difficult news. Thanks again!!

The other picture is Xander playing XPlane 10 on the big screen and an iPad for mapping and dash. XPlane is very awesome Xander says.


  1. I'm so glad the drain is out, what a big milestone! What a big drain, no wonder it hurt. I'm glad you didn't need pain meds last night, you really know what you need and when you need it.
    XPlane 10 looks like a lot of fun, enjoy it!


  2. So glad to hear this news!! Xander the smile on your face in the previous post is just great to see. Wilder loves XPlane 10, but we don't have that big a screen! I bet that makes it really cool! We look forward to your continued recovery...:)


    The Jensens!

  3. Xan, glad the drain is out and you're feeling better. We love you very much.

    Grandma and Grandpa

  4. I am in awe of the courage that all of you have shown through your journey! ALL OF YOU! And that is including Molly....the soon to be birthday girl!
    Love and praying for you everyday!