Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dog Day +10

Xander has been blessed with a lot of good days so far, but yesterday was not one of them. All of the issues he did have were expected, however.

Tired, Fever, Vomiting, Pain Meds (bigger dose than before) and hair loss to name a few.

Aaron was there with him all day and night. I got Molly from school and took her to the doc for her strep throat test (negative and will find out culture this a.m.)

I am expecting another not so good day, today... hopefully he'll prove me wrong!

Please keep sending cards and please don't forget about Molly.... there has been a couple of people that have sent cards for Molly (thank you).... maybe a couple happy cards would help her through the week.

These times are hard, but we keep praying that the engraftment will be successful.

BTW - did I mention that Xander is a Rock Star?!

Today, I'm going to make him laugh, even if it means singing and dancing to "Squirrels" by Dr. Demento.


  1. Thanks for the update Emilie.

    Xander, you are a Rock Star and you have fans all over the world cheering you on. I think more than you may even realize. Our whole extended family and friends far and wide ask about you everytime we speak...and we speak a lot! They are all sending prayers and good wishes for a successful engraftment and for a journey that has way more good days than bad. We hope today is better than yesterday.

    A note from Jasmine: "Xander, when you feel better do you want to play air hockey with me at my grandparents house?"

    Lots of love,

    The Lowensteins

  2. Hey you all,

    It's late afternoon now and we want you to know we are still thinking about you and sending you positive energy.

    Love you guys,

    The Lowensteins