Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day of Rest +11

Good Evening,

I was with Xander most of the day, Molly and Aaron got some time together. We also had some time all together at the hospital. Molly saw her friend Stephanie in "Child Life."

Xander was in bed all day with a fever, pain meds, and maybe the start of new cell growth. We will see where his counts are at tomorrow. He can't/won't eat, so we will start TPN-Lipids tomorrow (this is expected) and we will keep his GI tract functioning with chicken broth from Zingerman's and some jello/fruit cups. His throat is very sore, so that is where the majority of his discomfort is coming from at this time (besides the whole process of getting a bone marrow transplant, of course!)

He is rocking through it though. Another day, he fought down fevers (ice cold compresses) and took his meds. He is doing it. Like a rock star!

Thank you to the second grade class at RSSAA (actually, a thank you to the whole RSSAA community).

A thank you also to the 2nd, 4th and 5th grade classes at Cameron Elementary in North Carolina - what a beautiful collection of items! Xander has enjoyed them very much and they brightened his days. Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing Xander get out of bed tomorrow and spending some time with Molly.


  1. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope it brings some relief. Even rock stars need a break sometimes.

    Love to you all and sleep tight,


  2. Believe me, I'm feelin' for ya, oh grandson o' mine! Love ya lots!