Thursday, June 6, 2013

43 days in the hospital

Here's a big cheer for the boy of the hour! So happy to have the family together at home again. The warmth that surrounds us when were all together is such a blessing.

Last night was sweet, but too short, as we had to be back up at the hospital by 7am for an outpatient blood draw and ECP. After 2 failed attempts this week, ECP seems to have gone smoothly today. The room is very small and cramped, but Aaron made the best of it. One more ECP treatment tomorrow and he won't have any until the end of next week. We also will be seeing Dr. Connelly in clinic tomorrow for a discussion of Xander's current virus situation. It is probable that he has BK virus in his bladder. He is still symptomatic and it hasn't' gotten better yet. Yes, all gory details left out here! We'll update about this issue more after we see the doc.

We were blessed to be out of the hospital just in time for the third grade play, Noah's Ark. The characters were outstanding and here's to a big shout out to class for making Xander feel so welcome. You all are beautiful and kind, thank you.

Love Calisa's expression!

Gotcha George

Buds from class

Keep in mind that Xander's health can change very quickly right now. We are hoping to get him stabilized and feeling good using all of the resources that surround us. Thank you to those who have helped.

Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,


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  1. It was so great to see the 4 of you together! Out of the hospital!