Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Uggg… Great counts crappy fever

Monday (+13) morning blood work:

WBC = 6
ANC = 5.1
Hemoglobin = 10.4
Platelets = 42

Of course, you can believe it… we have had the repetitive experience that every {bleeping} time that  things are on track and a doctor mentions the word "discharge", the situation quickly turns around. It's like a sick Vaudeville act.

Starting at 1 am, Xander kicked off a fever that fluctuates between 100.5° and 103° and has lasted all day (it's actually Tuesday morning as I write this and he is still febrile). Uggg! Of course, along with the 103° engraftment fever, came a very mild GVHD engraftment rash (all over his body) and he has been vomiting throughout the day. Monday kinda sucked.

Although it sounds like things are not going well, in actuality, the fever and rash are par and even are considered to be BMT milestones. They have cultured Xander's blood and urine to be sure that there are no infections. Early results show no infection. Until the final results are back, Xander is on IV cefepime - a very strong antibiotic that has the side effect of killing all of the gut flora that allows for firm stools. Needless to say, Xander hates diarrhea.

Xander slept much of the day since, fortuitously, Monday brought him no "fun" visitors that needed to be canceled due to his feeling bad. Dr. Anderson, our NAET practitioner, came in and did muscle testing in the evening. The results were encouraging - Xander did not show that he needed to be treated for anything. Dr. Anderson specifially tested him for the donor's isolated cells and he did not have a reaction. Dr. Anderson, though through very different methods than used by the allopaths, came to the same conclusion that the fever is fine and his body is handling it well.

Xander, the BOY in the body is still doing well. He has had the most amazing attitude this time in the hospital even when his body's symptoms drag him down. I have seen the positive energy created by having a personal goal in mind. This boy, more than anything else, wants to go back to school and be with his friends. He has tolerated more, tried harder, and been stronger because he is keeping his eye on the prize.

Since I have them while I write this, here is the blood work as of 1 am Tuesday (+14):

WBC = 8.7
ANC = 7
Hemoglobin = 9.4
Platelets = 32

Thank you everyone for keeping Xander in your prayers.

Peace & Love,



  1. Good morning family! Tuesday is a new day. It's supposed to be sunshiny and bright this afternoon, just have to get through some clouds this morning. Love you, Lucy

  2. I like that 8.7 and 7! Sending positive thoughts your way to keep the momentum going. XOXO.

  3. Way to keep your eyes on the prize Xander! You are amazing and we are sending you lots of love and wishes that you feel better really soon! It may be way too hard to celebrate when you are feeling so incredibly bad...but those counts are awesome!

    We love you and we are awed by your strength and your attitude, that goes for all of you.


    Margo and family

  4. Just catching up here - lots of news!! Xander, you are doing SO great. We keep sending you loving and healing energy. Keep your eye on the 'prize' and I know you will get there!! I hope this passes quickly and you rebound easily!


    Laura, Dale, Wilder and Corbin