Monday, April 29, 2013

Change up: Transplant tomorrow

Good Afternoon,

We now know that the cells will arrive around midnight in Ann Arbor and Xander's transplant will be tomorrow. It is kind of weird not knowing where they are coming from... but we are relieved to know that they are on their way.

Xander had a good night, and is tolerating the situation well. He got unhooked today and we were able to enjoy a lunch from Prickly Pear outside at the Arb! WOOT!

Xander's Birthday was awesome (even for being in the hospital) and everyone at Xanderfest Rocked Out! More on Xanderfest soon.... here are a few highlights from his 10th birthday

Xander had five guys double cheeseburger for his birthday lunch!

awesome Birthday idea from the "school"... 243 personalized birthday notes and tissue paper flowers

lots of fun with punching balloons
Peace and love to all of Xander's followers,



  1. OK cells, come to Ann Arbor and work your magic!
    We're sending positive energy your way, and blessings to your donor!

    The Lowensteins

  2. Ditto what Margo said! And Happy Birthday to all... :)


    Laura, Dale, Wilder and Corbin