Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saw the artist formally known as Prince on his motorcycle

Good Evening, Emilie here…

Well on our way to Mayo Clinic now, but not there yet… we always leave at least 3 hours late whenever we go on long trips, so this is not surprising. Hobbes was satisfied with that though because he got more playtime with Xander.  We are so thankful for the love and support we have received during this time. So many of you have come together to make this easier on us emotionally, financially, logistically and spiritually. Thank you for all you do to make our lives more balanced as we move down this path.

As we talk more with friends and acquaintances about Xander’s condition, there are many aspects that are so compelling to different people. Lately, we have received recommendations to call all three main broadcast television stations here in Detroit to get the story out and see if it generates support. We have started to think about how this might affect our family, Xander’s condition, and overall outcomes. We continue to talk about it daily and will most likely pursue a couple of the direct contacts when we finish meeting with the doctors at Mayo Clinic and Detroit Children’s in the next few weeks.
We are highly anticipating all of the different ideas that may come during our visit here. We are hoping and praying for the best outcome for Xander, and a little miracle too.

Update at 00:38 or 11:38 here

Couldn’t post to the blog when I wrote the above note because we were on the EDGE network – kinda like up north Michigan, spotty coverage. It’s all good. Minneapolis is a really cool city and this condo is in such a beautiful location – oh my! Can’t wait to see it at sunrise.

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  1. I have all 4 of you on my mind often. Lots of prayers and love. 3rd time's a charm!