Thursday, March 8, 2012


Super is sleeping now! He was a total antagonistic spazz today❤ We warned Molly this morning and she said it was okay if he antagonized her. They were at each others throats all day - each trying to get the other's goat. OMG! Way over the top! Of course, both think they "won". ❤

Move in went really well except that I showed up with multiple hand carts of stuff but no patient. Betsy H. met me in the hall and said we were being sought out. The doctors were waiting (not in the plan) so Emilie got Xan here in five minutes. Of course, the doctors didn't rush in - hurry up and wait.

Dianne G. & Kelly H. (David A., too) were AWESOME. I know she will kill me, but packing took all Emilie had to give in this 24 hour period. Fortunately, we put a shout out for some Waldorf inspired decorating help and Dianne and Kelly came to the rescue. For those of you who know these two, the subject of perfection came up… as Dianne was hanging perfect (they ARE better than excellent) hand folded window stars. I'll take some pix tomorrow and post. There is even a watercolor dragon on loan from the art teacher! The room is wicked AWESOME! If anyone drives up the hospital drive at night, it it really easy to pick out the Waldorf kids room on the corner of 7E.

Xan will have his blood draw and weigh-in early (0500) and the the first chemo at 0600 so they can get kinetics from Seattle by the next day's dose.

Thank You everyone for the prayers!

Peace & Love,

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