Friday, March 2, 2012

Just double checking

After Xander said his throat has been really REALLY itchy and driving him crazy, I called Dr. Connelly and Nurse Jenny called back and said to take him to our Pediatrician, Dr. Kucera and get a throat culture. So, here we sit.
Realistically, it is a combination of intubation irritation and the side effects of Vanco - so no worries.


  1. We ordered these masks from Asia. They have changeable filters and we can see our facial expressions much better than with the standard surgical mask. They are also much better at filtering out the nasty particles. Xander is doing very well today and is in great spirits! We ate a lot of chicken soup last night, thank you to the Rostker's for that lovely gift.

  2. Hey there,

    I hope everything checked out all right at the Doctor's office. I hope your throat is feeling better now, Xander.

    I like the new masks. When I used to wear a mask, sometimes I wished I had a sign that said "I'm smiling under this thing!" It's really nice to be able to see each other's expressions.

    I've been thinking about you all!

    Lots of love,