Thursday, February 23, 2012

Turning the Page…

04:17 - Emilie and I are awake. Today is exactly 1 week out from the start of Xander's chemotherapy. Also today, starting at 07:30, Xander has many tests and his first platelet transfusion. I am thankful for the time I have been blessed with, to enjoy my son, has NOT been in the daily context of the hospital. Not every medical situation graces a family with good times, too.
Last night, at the Shope farm, we had a beautiful fire and drum circle. Lori (sp?), a friend of Kendra, brought many different drums for people to play. Paul Fosselman and I played hand made suspended frame dream hoop drums (shout out to "Dog Boy" for long ago dreaming the drums!). So, while the adults tried to be rhythmic, the kids kept the ice mosquitos away by creating large volumes of smoke using the wet grass on fire trick all firebug 8 year olds know❤. Xander was a trooper as he stuck his leg in the pond, thus flooding his boot, within minutes of arriving. He said he just ignored the wet and squishy feeling all night.
Time to get into gear now. I will post again today while at the hospital. Thanks everyone for your support. Stay tuned…

Peace & Love

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