Thursday, February 23, 2012

Susie and the first unit of platelets

Today we were introduced to the UofM blood bank withdrawal slip. Tomorrow morning Xander will get another unit of platelets in the OR during the install of his two central lines. Thank you to everyone making the deposits ❤. As I recall, Glen J. from St. Thomas has a certificate on his wall for 17 gallons!
Today we all learned how to change the dressings and parts and flush the lines. Xander practiced on the rubber man, too.
For dinner, Xander actually ordered burgers from Zingerman's Road House. He really wanted a brownie sundae but was too full to eat it… so we got it to go! As a Salsitz, fattening up is all too easy. ❤ Thanks again to everyone who has gifted Zingerman's gift cards. Pastrami, fungi pot pies, smoked turkey, cheese, and fish all have noticeably added 8 lbs to his frame in three weeks.
As I was writing this, we got one of those automated calls from the UMHS, but this one moved our appointment up to 07:30. We had talked with the OR nurse about adding platelets ahead of time (they want him at 50K and he was at 23K). Guess that is what happened.
Molly played a game on the iPad remotely from Grandma Peggy's house with Xander. They could even talk while playing! WOOT! Then she cried for 15 minutes that she misses us :-( and wants to see us. We all talked with her and made her feel better. She wanted a picture of us to feel better, so we emailed one to Grandma. Of course, now Grandma needs to get an AppleID or Skype ID, too.

Goodnight. Peace & Love,


  1. Love ya, Xan Man...or, I guess, Super Xavier. You're in my heart and mind. Praying all comes out 110% tomorrow morning.



  2. I used to have a mohawk just like that! BTW, your cousins, David, Asher, and Ezra, think you have the coolest name!