Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Okay… Here We Go❤❤

I know we are behind posting on the blog. We got the call yesterday evening regarding Alexander's dates. Mandy, the bone marrow transplant nurse, called and told us that Xander will get his port on the 24th, as an outpatient, and be admitted on the 29th inpatient.
Mandy also informed us as to the protocol that will be used in conditioning and chemotherapy. They will use the FLUBUP/Thymo/TBI (Fludarabine/Busulfan/Thymoglobulin) regimen. Well, we will find out for sure on Friday if TBI (radiation) will be used for sure. Mandy left this as an unknown.
I found some studies on the use of Thymoglobulin antibodies and it is a great advance in reducing graft rejection (GVHD). The down side is it reduces the effectiveness of the new cells "kicking butt" in the fight against old remaining monosomy-7 (MDS) cells. Higher rates of recurring disease are associated with the use of Thymoglobulin.

Well, dates are as follows unless there is a change of plans, of course:

This Friday, we have a meeting with Mandy to answer any questions.

Lots of tests inserted here!

February 24th Xander gets his port. He gets to go home the same day.

Lots of tests inserted here!

February 29th Xander inpatient to start his conditioning therapy.

I'm feeling a little sick after writing it all down, so I guess I am done for now.

Peace and love,

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  1. Aaron, I'm sewing Xander a flannel bathrobe for when he goes inpatient. Or does he already have one?